Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

Our Team

The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) is a charitable organisation (Reg. No  285776 ) and is a major British Charity that has been fighting third world poverty since 1962.

Our parish group helps by adopting a particular project each year.  This year our CAFOD group will be raising funds for a village called Sebeya in the north of Ethiopia, as part of the ‘Connect 2 Ethiopia’ scheme.

Abba (Father) Solomon Beyene, the local Catholic priest at The Holy Trinity Church in the Ethiopian village of Sebeya, visited local CAFOD supporters recently.  His village is in the north of the country and is very arid and dry.  The people struggle to make a living mostly through farming but this is very difficult due to the lack of water. The people are poor, most earning under a dollar a day, but hard working. Child malnutrition is very common, and the region is affected by the HIV virus.  Access to clean water is not easy and this is one of the ways that CAFOD is helping.

In the future, our fundraising efforts will be targeting this parish, through the connect2Ethiopia scheme. We hope to keep in touch with Fr. Solomon and hear about how the CAFOD projects will in time benefit his people

Since our group started, we have raised over £10,000 for CAFOD.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is able to offer any help is very welcome. The committee is also always glad to hear of new ideas for fund raising.

Day/ Place/ Time of meetings.

The group meets about five times a year. Details appear in the weekly bulletin.